Bay Area Holiday Mini Sessions

This was the first year Missy B Photography has offered Holiday themed Mini Sessions and it was such a blast! We had lots of adorable kids and even some dogs come from all over the Bay Area to join in on the fun. We had the kids arrive in their jammies for the first setup which featured a miniature bed for the younger ones and a crate for the older kids. The lamp, mitten banner and decor really gave the setup the log cabin feel I was going for! The second setup was a fancier holiday setup and kids put on their holiday scarves, dresses and even bow ties!  A lot of my clients used these photos for their Holiday cards, family newsletter and even frame don the wall!  Spots filled up fast this year so I’m thinking we will offer even more next year so we can get everyone in.

The whole thing was just adorable and everyone had a great time. The best part was the photos turned out super cute, wouldn’t you agree?

Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1352.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1353.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1351.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1354.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1355.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1356.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1357.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1358.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1359.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1360.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1361.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1362.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1363.jpg Missy-B-Photography-Newborn_Photographer_Walnut_Creek,CA_1364.jpg

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