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I’m Missy, a newborn, child & family Photographer located in Walnut Creek, California & serving the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a Mom to two awesome boys and I’m married to a pretty cool guy that lets me chase my dreams.

My introduction to photography started when I was a little girl. Both my parents had a love for photography and I remember when I got older I was even allowed to use my Mom’s Canon AE-1 film camera, which was always a special treat. I continued exploring film photography through school and quickly determined I really enjoyed capturing people more than taking photos of landscapes. After my second son Zachary was born I realized just how treasured the photos I took of him as a brand new baby were. In those first few months he changed so much, even now one of our favorite family activities is looking at old photo albums and remembering special moments, seeing how differently people looked years ago. Cameras have changed so much over the years; now instead of spending time processing film in a darkroom I process my digital files and skillfully hand edit each one with the latest photo editing software.

I’m a huge animal lover and someday hope to have a little farm of rescue animals. For now my family volunteers as a foster family through local Dog Rescue, K9 Paw Print Rescue.  Many of the dogs we’ve fostered have been shelter dogs in need, specifically high risk or needing immediate special care. In the process our family has fostered over a dozen dogs, mostly Pitbull type mixes facing euthanasia at our local shelter. We’ve been successful in finding homes for all but two that we absolutely fell in love with who are now a permanent part of our home, joining our two other spoiled rotten dogs. I also volunteer my photography services for the rescue dogs waiting to find their forever family. It’s such a nice way for my business to give back while helping dogs in need! So yeah, I’m kind of a dog lover.

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